Cool Prue

One thing that makes shooting Impossible / Polaroid film packs fun is the (ironic) limited number of shots you get per film pack. Although I didn’t intend for this, I do find myself… Continue reading

Good as Gold

This is it. The reason I’ve got back into “real” photography. I know that’s not exactly fair, but what is true, is that getting back into instant photography has made me start to… Continue reading

Not so Cool!

A momentous day cause I purchased my long awaited Polaroid SX-70. A limited edition, Impossible Project refurbished Ojaga design from Japan. Truly beautiful, with stars and all, fit for a box of magic.… Continue reading

First Color Pack – Mistakes with First Flush

After my initial success with Silver Shade, I decided to try out a pack of Impossible Color film. I thought I had done my research, but apparently I didn’t do enough. I didn’t… Continue reading

Shooting my first Impossible Film Pack

I’ve been following the Impossible Project for years, and of course been a Polaroid fan for longer. But for many reasons, like many cost being one of them, I never took the plunge… Continue reading

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