PUSHing It

I have to admit that as much as I’ve enjoyed discovering and using Impossible’s film, which is getting better all the time; there is something to be said about the unpredictability and challenges… Continue reading

Going On A Walkabout Part 2 – PX 70 12/11

I have been setting a bit of time for me to spend around my neighbourhood to shoot other subjects apart from my family. This collection is a series of shots that were shot… Continue reading

Prue is 3. Using Impossible’s Nigo PX 70

After weaning myself of 600 films, Prudence’s 3rd birthday allowed me some of my first experiences with shooting on PX 70 film. So of course in order to commemorate the occasion, I tried… Continue reading

Armenian Church, Singapore

The Armenian Church is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Singapore. In a city where skyscrapers dominate and new mega structures like the Marina Bay Sands spring up overnight, it… Continue reading

3 2 1 Scoot!

This is it. Final pack of PX 680 Gold Color and it was a nice way to spend it with an evening at the skating park with the family. Michael and Zev found… Continue reading

Low Light

The combination of Polaroid’s SX-70 and Impossible Project’s film is outstanding for many, many reasons – but low light isn’t one of them. From my limited technical and historical understanding, the SX-70 was… Continue reading

Going on a Walkabout Part 1

While I’ve been having a fantastic time with the SX-70 and taking pictures of my loved ones, photography is about many things – and I guess – many, many people would also like… Continue reading

It’s Father’s Day

I want to work on a project where I gather a list of my favorite and most important people in a series of instant photographs. I’m working towards that, but no better person… Continue reading


This was it. The big trip planned for the family to Langkawi, Malaysia. And along with it, the first real big test for my Ojaga SX-70. Quite a lot of preparations were made… Continue reading

Twin Gold Birthdays

Michael and Zev Hall celebrated their 5th birthday last Saturday with some friends, a puppeteer and many, many balloons. What better way to celebrate than with some colored Gold Impossible pictures. I’ve been… Continue reading

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