The End, The Beginning and a Christmas with Friends

Christmas is without doubt our favorite time of the year. But it is also dangerously close to the end of the year which means a new one is just around the corner and with it, changes.

2 Moms and Girls Zev Sarah Prue and Sarah Pose

Michael and Zev have had a wonderful and blessed two years in their kindergarten and along with them, our whole family has enjoyed the time too. Their teachers have been fantastic, they have grown and experienced so much, but the one positive element that marks this part of their lives by far , is the friends they and my wife have made.

And in a little over a week. That will all change. They know it. Their best friend Ryan does. We all do. But none of us can quite know what to expect. How each life will change in Primary One.

Michael Zev at Dinner
 Prue and Sarah Lightsaber Pose

So tonight on Christmas Eve we enjoy and celebrate their friendship and our family friends. It’s a wonderful night. With Princesses and Jedis. With sparklers and lightsabers. But too soon it will end. This really is a special time in their childhood and we all hope it’ll last for as long as it can.

Weenee and Prue Opening Present Wands

Here’s a 2013 toast to good friends and loving moms. To swim parties and Ikea play dates. May each one of them grow up well but never grow too old in spirit.

Kids Party Pose