Taking Photos of my Children

I have in my draft box, an elaborate post about why I had decided to stop taking instant photographs, why I had accomplished what I wanted to do…it’s still sitting there…9 months in my head, 6 months in my wordpress draft box.

It’s all true but I realised I cannot stop. Not now. The iPhone is a great tool but for me and my family, it’s made us lazy. No more uploading, no more syncing to a central library, my wife has even stopped editing her annual photo books. Convenient tech makes us lazy.

While I was watching Time Zero, some made a quote that nailed it. “Every child should find a shoebox with old polaroids of them, when they were young.” That sure sounds like a good plan (for now). And it sure as hell beats a computer hard drive.

Prue at dinnerBoys Balcony

Michael dangles