Sydney is a beautiful city.

I had another blessing to travel there for a few days for work and took the opportunity to take some photographs of my short stay. It’s summer now in Australia which means the sun rises very early. I woke up around 5.15 am in my hotel room on Saturday and still missed the sunrise over the Sydney harbour. I didn’t miss much though as it was turning out to be one of those cloudy and overcast days. Still it didn’t dampen my mood but instead provided some very nice weather for walking around. I’ve taken walks before but I don’t think I’ve done one this long. I think I must have walked for about four hours which is, pretty long for a guy like me.

01_garagedoor 11_redpedal 08_stmarys
02_church 03_shopping 04_fountain
Honestly there really isn’t much to write about here. Except that the St Mary’s Cathedral is a beautiful, beautiful church (the fact shown by how many photos I took) and that I had a sort of a long debate (with myself) about whether or not I should have photographed the Sydney Opera House. You know it’s one of those monuments where you’ve just about seen it so much, there really is very little point in photographing it yourself – but after walking for about an hour and a half, I wasn’t going to leave empty handed so the compromise was to shoot a “moody” (I would like to think so anyway) black and white tourist photograph of it.
And it was a great business trip!
Cheers mate.