As Fast As The Falling Flowers

Late August brought a surprise to our neighbourhood in Bedok. The trees outside started blooming with lovely, gorgeous pink and white flowers. They were absolutely beautiful. I wanted to take out my SX 70 all week for some photos but my new job has been keeping me pretty busy and when you’re at work, it’s hard to be home during the golden hours for some nice light.

Soon the flowers started falling and by the end of the week, most of the trees had given up their lovely blossoms. I got a chance for a few shots and managed to capture some nice falling and fallen flowers. In photographing the flowers it just struck me how fast time has flown for them. One week, maybe less.


Coincidentally, a friend of mine came by excitedly to let me shoot a couple of shots on his newly acquired long expired Polaroid film. The choice of model was my long-suffering cat. The photo captured some sharp details but it was really too orange and ghostly. But this reminded me that I still had some old, original Polaroids lying about and we went off in search of them. What I found was stunning. The old polaroids still had their color and details and to my eyes, haven’t faded at all.

This Polaroid was taken at our old place, shortly after getting married. Wee Nee had come home from a dinner with some flowers. Rei, much younger then, proceeded to eat them.


(Left: Rei : 2012 / Expired Polaroid 600. Right: Rei & Wee Nee : 2003 / Polaroid 600)

The Polaroids together with the falling flowers really got me into a nostalgic feeling. How fast time has flown by looking at these pictures. I remember buying my wife (then girlfriend) a Polaroid 600 Spice Cam with the salary from my first job as an Associate Producer at MTV. We still have that camera today and it still works. The office building I used to work in is a block away from where my new job is. A couple of weeks ago, I went back to the place where I had bought the Spice Cam and the camera shop was still there. The owner is still selling film and photo frames, but half of the shop had been divided out to sell iPhone covers and accessories. A real sign of the times. He had no idea who I was and I did try my luck to see if he still had any old Polaroid 600 films.


(Left: Wee Nee & Gavin : 2003 / Polaroid 600. Right: Wee Nee & Gavin : 2012 / Impossible PX 70 Cool)

So much has changed, so fast but I know how blessed we are to still be together and now have a family. Looking at the old polaroids really did bring back a wave of memories – they are truly instant magic, capturing memories from the past. I would never have thought that taking such unplanned, un-cool, un-arranged Polaroids would bring about so much nostalgia. But life is like that. And now I’m back to shooting instant film again. Of my children. I hope to leave them some of these instant magic memories for their future.