A little over five years ago, my wife and I found out that we would be having twins. TWINS! Every mother’s dream. Every doctor’s worry. The fathers aren’t even conscious at this point for an emotion. Everyone tells us, till this day…”You’re So Blessed!” “You’re So Lucky!” “My goodness how did you do it?” “It must be so difficult raising them isn’t it?”

The answer to all of the above is yes. It really is special having twins. It is really blessed to be their father and see them grow. The coolest thing is really watching them together – working together, fighting together, talking together… the truth for anyone who’s ever wondered is that – yes they do share a very special and intimate bond. And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been together since even before birth. They were bouncing around in their mummy’s womb and looking for trouble even then.


Michael Luis Hall was born 2 mins earlier and 200 grammes heavier than his younger sibling. We named him Michael because it always was his name. Named after Michael the Archangel and Michael Schumacher. True to his name, he is the strong one. The fighter. The fussy one and the one who argues, is very particular and is first in to a quarrel, protecting his siblings.


We always wondered if Zev would mind being the younger, but since birth, he hasn’t. In fact he wants to be the younger; protected by the elder. That doesn’t mean he’s not aggressive or doesn’t fight with Michael, they do that constantly. But in a group; at school; or in a situation where confronted by outside circumstances, Zev relinquishes the lead to Michael.

Zev Gabriel Hall is named after Benjamin, Jacob’s son in the Bible. When it is Benjamin’s turn to be blessed, Jacob doesn’t call him Benjamin but Zev – meaning “wolf.” Zev is a wolf. He’s cute and feisty. He’s also a little more inclined to art and has a terrific memory for music. But we look forward to the day where he’s also a cunning hunter.

But together (and with Prudence) they certainly are wolf pack.

Michael and Zev are very different personality-wise but they share so much alike in terms of their habits and hobbies that I can see how anyone outside would mix them up or be led to the conclusion that they are truly identical. At the moment they absolutely love scooting. Scooting everywhere, even at home. And when they’re not scooting, they’re playing together. Either in the sand, in the fountain drain, or just at home. Both boys absolutely love the water, be it in the pool or at the beach. All our current holidays are organized around beach locations.

As a father, as any father, I always hope they would remain as close. That they would always be there to support each other. I’m not naive and know what the world throws at you. I cannot imagine families where siblings don’t talk to each other, hate each other, sue each other in court rooms – that must be one of the hardest and cruelest things to happen. So we try and foster a home with love. Where competition is encouraged but not comparisons. Each child is truly different, and no where is this more vital to point out then to a pair of identical twins.

In many ways, they are one but not the same. And our prayer is that they would always be there to carry each other.

But for now, these truly are their best and closest days.

Psalm 127:4 = “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth.”


The photos here were taken over a wide period of time utilising a broad range of Impossible and Polaroid film.

PX 70 Push – Row 1 Images 1-2
Polaroid TZ Artistic – Row 1 Images 3-5; Row 2, Image 1
PX 70 Cool – Row 2 Image 2
PX 70 9/11 – Row 2 Images 3-4
PX 70 12/11 – Row 2 Image 5; Row 3; Row 4 Image 1
PX 600 Silver Shade Gold Border – Row 4 Images 2-5; Row 5 Image 1-2
PX 680 Color Shade Gold Border – Row 5 Images 3-4
PX 600 Silver Shade Black Border – Row 5 Image 5