Going On A Walkabout Part 2 – PX 70 12/11

I have been setting a bit of time for me to spend around my neighbourhood to shoot other subjects apart from my family. This collection is a series of shots that were shot over a week or so, all with Impossible’s “older” PX 70 12/11 batch and I have to say that I’m very happy with the results. The film is certainly stable and appears to be a little more dreamy than the Cool type. With a lot of the fanfare going towards the “Cool” films, Impossible is heavily discounting these PX 70s and they really are a good buy.

The film tends to be very stingy with it’s blue tones but you are able to get them sometimes and the other colours of red, orange and green really stand out.


I find that pushing the exposure wheel to the darkest setting helps but the film certainly does it’s best work during the golden hours. My favourite shot of this bunch was of the setting sun against the side of a really old house. I was actually on a public bus and had to rush down in time to get off at the bus stop, run back to the spot and take the shot before the light faded. The photo was worth it.

The areas that were photographed are from the eastern side of Singapore and are all of the older neighbourhoods of Katong and Joo Chiat.

August 9 is also Singapore’s National Day. Like any other country, you see flags everywhere – on the streets, below windows and on cars and taxis.

I’m very happy with this shot of Wee Nee. My wife looks very nice in this photo and it’s a very colourful one thanks the spectrum of shades from the flowers, leaves, and the national flag. I think the camera did a good job here in gauging the exposure as it was a very bright morning, as can be seen in the background.

Every year, the republic also celebrates by having a massive National Day Parade which includes cultural dances, musical performances and military drills. All this is capped off by a nice fireworks display. We actually brought our family out for a picnic at a site hoping to catch the fireworks but unfortunately, we were blocked by some trees and buildings. Still it was a very enjoyable night and once again the PX 70 did a good job – even at night with a shot of the (almost) fireworks.