Prue is 3. Using Impossible’s Nigo PX 70

After weaning myself of 600 films, Prudence’s 3rd birthday allowed me some of my first experiences with shooting on PX 70 film. So of course in order to commemorate the occasion, I tried to include many shots from Impossible’s PX 70 Nigo Edition.

The festivities began of course with the traditional balloon blowing, followed by some victory celebrations.

I have to say that I’m not really sold on the color frames. They bring a very welcome freshness to the more serious border colors that Impossible uses but they really remind me too much of the Instax coloured / rainbow integral film. Even the tones of each color seem similiar across the two formats which make it a little strange when you compare the difference in image quality.

Of course this meant little to Prue as she enjoyed eating, playing and opening her very many birthday presents.


Ironically, I really like the black frames from the Nigo pack. Perhaps cause these frames are only available with silver shade in all the other configurations. Still Bathing Ape fans may like and identify with the “R” icon – for the rest of us, it seems a little out of place – and something I’d rather leave to my Fuji Instax packs.

Still it was a magical two days and something every daddy looks forward to. It was great that Prudence had such a good time. We took her out the following day just to have a quiet meal where she fed me my Japanese rice and shared a cup of yoghurt with my wife. We then walked around the shopping centre just letting her choose her favourite car rides. Magical moments I’m glad I captured instantly. If life were always this simple and filled with this much laughter.

Happy birthday, Pretty Princess Prudence.