3 2 1 Scoot!

This is it. Final pack of PX 680 Gold Color and it was a nice way to spend it with an evening at the skating park with the family. Michael and Zev found the opportunity to scoot with many older kids.

We could have had more golden light from the evening sun but still I was quite pleased with how many of the photos turned out. The combination of the setting sun and Impossible’s film managed to create some very nice images that I find a little difficult to label. They seem able to attach some lovely bright colors to only the areas in which I managed to focus, leaving the rest of the background in a slightly duller tone.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with low light and slow speed but I took this opportunity to really capture kids at (high) speed playing – perhaps one of the most tricky conditions – but again, the results were not bad. I never expected them to be clear but the sense of motion is nice.


Ironically this skate park is located just across the road from my current employer but it’s taken over a year before we managed to bring the family down for an evening like this. Of course all things have their own timing. This time last year Zev and Michael did not have such nice and fast Micro scooters.

Frame 3: Zev, Age 5

And of course I had not yet embarked back on this road to photography thanks to Impossible. The irony is now that my children have discovered this nice new “playground,” I will be moving on soon to a new challenge in my career and a new start.

Frame 2: Michael, age 5.

Things are always changing.