Going on a Walkabout Part 1

While I’ve been having a fantastic time with the SX-70 and taking pictures of my loved ones, photography is about many things – and I guess – many, many people would also like to see some other types of photos from time to time. So would I.

So this batch is about me setting off on a little walkabout around my neighborhood of Stratford Court. The challenge was to of course to take interesting but also colorful images that would stretch the potential of the film and my SX-70 Kuro. It would also stretch me – I haven’t done this in the longest time. I had no excuses. No running children. No low light challenges.

Without a doubt my favorite from this batch came from frame 3, The River. It came out exactly as I had hoped and was very satisfying, not just because I got the colors of the sky and the river – but also cause I waited and timed to get that mass rapid train (with it’s nice red line marking) into the composition.


Trying to push the colors and contrast to the extreme was part of the purpose of shooting a couple of close up of shots from nature. On hindsight I actually don’t like how “dark” and how much contrast I eventually got from my close up of Frame 2’s The Tree but I really prefer the beautiful morning light on the red flowers from Frame 8.

Another experiment I tried was to frame the beautiful blue sky as a backdrop to some of the architecture of the place that I stay in. I did sort of get it right but as you’ll notice the exposure of the SX-70 really overcompensated by giving me a large dark frame instead of the beautiful arches. Still it was a good lesson in learning about how the electronic eye sees the frame and how I would need to overexpose a shot even in daylight in order to get the right setting.

Still the nice and funny thing about photography is how things start to look different to you over time. This simple shot of the walking path along my home is so “basic”, so cliched that I didn’t even like it even before I shot it. And when it came out, I liked it even less! The focusing was poor (I had wanted the lamp to be sharp of course), the light and contrast was just okay.

But now when I look at it a couple of weeks later – I actually do like it. With all it’s flaws, it does evoke to me a dreamy sort of evening feel of a leisurely taken by someone who hasn’t done this in a while. And of course like much of instant photography and life – it isn’t perfect – but it is, what it is. And I’ve grown to like it.