It’s Father’s Day

I want to work on a project where I gather a list of my favorite and most important people in a series of instant photographs. I’m working towards that, but no better person to start with than my father.

And no better way to start than with an intimate celebration of Father’s Day, thanks very much in part to my dear wife for the organization. I am just hopeless with things like this.

I’m forty this year and no doubt being a father myself has allowed me to better understand, appreciate and love him. But it hasn’t been easy or smooth sailing. We had a falling out before I got married and it was only the birth of my twin boys (about eight years later) before we even started speaking to each other again.

He’s still so handsome and charming. And I am so thankful that I’ve got the chance to mend and grow our relationship. These are precious years.

Just wherever you are in the world. I hope for the best for you and your dad. I hope you can honor them and enjoy them.

While we still have the privilege of being able to.

for, Charles Francis Hall.