This was it. The big trip planned for the family to Langkawi, Malaysia. And along with it, the first real big test for my Ojaga SX-70. Quite a lot of preparations were made film wise including finding and purchasing a vintage Polaroid SX-70 Compartment Case Bag; packing in the brand new Mint Flash Bar and arming the camera with two packs of Color Cool film and one standby pack of Silver Shade.

This was a great holiday and I am very happy that I managed to accomplish what I set out to do which was to have enough images to successfully document the trip – and capture my family.

The first photo I took was of Prudence at lunch immediately after we reached the Frangipani Resort.

Frame 1: Prue At Lunch

The evening play by the beach brought more rewarding shots including a very colorful photo of the family and Michael captured against the sunset.

As much fun as we were having, I unfortunately discovered that there was really something wrong with my Ojaga SX-70. The problems I encountered previously at my twin sons birthday were now happening more frequently, and with almost every alternate shot. The camera’s shutter would click but no film would be ejected. Occasionally, I got lucky by pressing the shutter again to get a highly experimental photo with a double exposure like this one of Zev. You would never know it from the shot below but this was actually shot in the early morning under a bright sun.

Frame 3: Zev At The Beach

However most times, the camera would jam and the shutter would stay open. I lost five shots this way and this was pretty frustrating to say the least; when you’re so far away from home at a beautiful scenic location. It was here that I decided that I would trade in the beautiful Ojaga once I got back for the Black Label SX-70 that had been reserved for me in standby.

The last shot I would take with my Ojaga SX-70 was of Zev the morning before we left Langkawi, which was sort of fitting I guess since this holiday was to celebrate his and Michael’s fifth birthday. I had been taking quite a lot of photos of Michael (in silver shade) and Prudence, so it was nice to have Zev to end of this chapter of my Impossible journey.

Frame 10: And We Say Goodbye