Cool Prue

One thing that makes shooting Impossible / Polaroid film packs fun is the (ironic) limited number of shots you get per film pack. Although I didn’t intend for this, I do find myself shooting each pack (s) with certain themes.

And this pack is about my dear Prudence.

I am pleased with this pack. You can certainly see the improvement in performance and consistency with this cool film over the first flush film by Impossible.

This series without question also gave me my best and favorite shot I’ve taken with  my SX-70 so far. A beautiful moment of my smiling daughter caught in the morning sunlight of our weekend walk.

Frame 3: Morning Smile

Even the mistakes made in this pack were also comfortingly done by me instead of the camera or film. Still, shooting in the evening against the setting sun produced a very nice silhouette shot which one could argue to be artistic. I would say it’s part of me still learning about my SX-70 and re-learning my photographic skills. The photo below  is of Prudence at the top of the playground.

Frame 5: Setting Sun

The last shot of the Cool pack was shot much later (about a week) than the rest of the images. I was a little concerned about how this new Cool film would react to being in my SX-70 for such a long period in humid Singapore. But as you can see I was pleasantly surprised when it rewarded me with this shot of Prudence smiling as she shared a joke with Michael on another Saturday morning.

Frame 8: Instant Smile

I even forgot to turn the exposure wheel of the SX-70 to the darker side but I feel that the color tone and exposure are okay. The photo is a rewarding dreamy one. Impossibly, beautiful.