Good as Gold

This is it. The reason I’ve got back into “real” photography. I know that’s not exactly fair, but what is true, is that getting back into instant photography has made me start to exercise parts of my photographic brain I haven’t used in years. Simple things like composing within a viewfinder (as opposed to a huge LCD screen), and composing itself – when every shot is literally money, techniques like looking for light and contrast… all these are things I knew about, practiced years before…

It’s nice to be back.

Still. It’s taken 4 packs of Impossible Films to get to this. The Gold Silver Shade from Impossible is wonderful. The most stable and the most beautiful from Impossible I’ve used thus far. You will see from the photos that the gold borders really pop and do a lot of work with the black, white and sepia tones within the frames. They reminded me of the famous U2 single “One” cover before I shot them and I have to say that they didn’t disappoint.

Frame 1 was still a lesson for me as I learned how to live with the SX-70’s longer exposure and thirst for more light indoors. Frame 2 of my wife and daughter blew me away. The tones, the accuracy and even the sharpness (somehow not accurately shown in this scan) is the best I’ve shot so far.

Frame 2: Weenee at the sofa

Sunday morning brought me and Michael an experimental session. He scooted while I shot. Frame 3 rewarded me with how a high contrast shot looks like. Thank you Michael for bearing with the sun.

Frame 3: Michael at the gate

Frames 4 and 6 next brought me some of my most pleasing shots so far. A mixture of my favorite subjects (my family), within a context and with some nice experimental splashes of light – in a good way.

Frame 4: Morning Scooting

Frame 6 is something special. I was pretty sure I had pressed the shutter button and heared a click while trying to shoot something else, yet nothing was ejected. I checked to see and found that there was no jam. So when I tried to shoot again in a different location, the result you see is of Michael scooting with some dashes of lights from the bottom corner – I can only guess that this has come from a double exposure.

Frame 6: Scooting by the Fountains

Still this pack of film was not uneventful. The shutter did jam open (again) just before frame 8 resulting in the washed out, over-exposed final shot. I do not know if this was a result of the camera or the film pack, but am leaning towards the former. Again, I’m giving my Ojaga SX-70 the benefit of the doubt of not being properly used in years – we gotta iron out all these kinks before our major holiday this June!

If you can score some Impossible Project Gold film – go for it. That’s all I can say.