Shooting my first Impossible Film Pack

I’ve been following the Impossible Project for years, and of course been a Polaroid fan for longer. But for many reasons, like many cost being one of them, I never took the plunge till this year.

Several things added up. My kids were growing well enough for me to invest time in two or more photographic genres to capture their childhood; my continual disillusionment with digital; and just generally missing the risk, skill and unexpectedness – things I had grown up with in photography, before ones and zeros.

So here we are the first pack. A wise choice I think. Silver Shade with Black frames. I am reasonably pleased with the results with my favorite being Frame 1 (below) of Michael in the balcony at Stratford Court. Un-rehearsed, not smiling…just the way I wanted it. It looks like it was taken maybe thirty years ago, not a month ago, but it evokes a certain realism that isn’t pretentious or false (i.e. it’s not a digital filter). It’s chemicals on paper, working themselves out; just like the photographer and his two decade old camera was.

Frame 1: Michael at the Stratford Balcony

A close second would be this one of my father-in-law and Prudence. The shot has a lot going on in it, a story of Sunday morning, motion blur, a nice backdrop of the house.

Frame 6: Prudence and Ah Gong on Sunday Morning