The End, The Beginning and a Christmas with Friends

Christmas is without doubt our favorite time of the year. But it is also dangerously close to the end of the year which means a new one is just around the corner and… Continue reading

Taking Photos of my Children

I have in my draft box, an elaborate post about why I had decided to stop taking instant photographs, why I had accomplished what I wanted to do…it’s still sitting there…9 months in… Continue reading

Things to do and see in Singapore

I know Singapore is commonly accused of being boring and a little too sanitised. But there are places around it that do provide a good day out, even for a young family. And… Continue reading

Orange Crush

“Follow me, don’t follow me, I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush.” – Michael Stipe, REM. “Orange Crush” is reputedly a political piece about “Agent Orange” that was used during the… Continue reading


Sydney is a beautiful city. I had another blessing to travel there for a few days for work and took the opportunity to take some photographs of my short stay. It’s summer now… Continue reading

Going on a Walkabout Part 3 – Katong

   Katong is one of the oldest areas of Singapore. I spent a large part of my childhood here as ironically did my father. It is still today one of the last areas… Continue reading

Seven Months In

Going back to instant photography has given me a new lease of enthusiasm for this hobby. I’ve told several people this story so maybe it’s about time, I write it here. Instant photography… Continue reading


View of Tokyo from Ebisu Tower I had the great blessing of traveling to Tokyo for a few days for work. I’ve done many business trips and as a habit more than a… Continue reading

As Fast As The Falling Flowers

Late August brought a surprise to our neighbourhood in Bedok. The trees outside started blooming with lovely, gorgeous pink and white flowers. They were absolutely beautiful. I wanted to take out my SX… Continue reading


A little over five years ago, my wife and I found out that we would be having twins. TWINS! Every mother’s dream. Every doctor’s worry. The fathers aren’t even conscious at this point… Continue reading

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